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Getting to experience different parts of the world firsthand is a real privilege, and one I've been fortunate enough to have done quite a bit of.
I have walked through deserts, ridden on Chinese sleeper trains, got pickpocketed for my phone in Istanbul (and got it back!), fallen through a frozen lake (alone) in the middle of a winter night in the arctic circle, and whizzed around Rio de Janeiro on a scooter for a week while wearing a Batman t-shirt. Funnily enough, you're unlikely to find me enjoying fancy hotels and drinks by the pool...
When I do get the chance to travel it is fair to say that I am most interested in seeing simple, everyday life. So while it is great to see the impressive human or natural wonders in a place, sometimes it can be just as interesting to have a look at what local supermarkets are like, and to just wander the streets.
So my travel photography is a bit of a mash up of my documentary and landscape styles. I just enjoy finding the big and little things that I find interesting.

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