Photographic tutorials:

A lot of people run photography tours/tutorials. However, I think mine are probably a little different, as my goal is not to take you to beautiful areas in order to take pretty pictures, but to make you a better photographer.

A lot of tutorials seem to forget that. They think, "stick some people in front of a landscape at sunset and let them snap away and afterwards tell them about the rule of thirds" passes for teaching. It doesn't..

When I started photography, I learned how a camera works, and how to use it. Over the years I have learned all kinds of tricks (some large, some small), and learned what features on a camera are useful, and what I can ignore.

For those just getting into photography, I want to teach you what your camera does, and how you can quickly learn to make it do what you want. For those already comfortable with their camera, I am a fairly versatile and pragmatic photographer, and can advise on most techniques and subjects (and if I can't, I'll tell you).

What you get:

For £100, you get my time, for the day. That means I will make sure that by the end of the day you have progressed in the areas you wanted help with. That means, if you want to learn how to take macro photographs, that's what we'll do. Or portraits. Or star trails. Or infra red. Or waterfalls. Or whatever it is you want to do: it's your time: I don't take photos while teaching; I focus on you, and lead you to take the photos you want to take, better.

My aim is to help you improve from a technical perspective, and this is how I largely differ from other teachers: my feedback and help is not going to simply consist of a description of the "rule of thirds". While I will give my opinions on framing and composition etc, those things are very much up to individual taste. Therefore, I think it's far more helpful for me to give feedback and assist in improving the technical areas, so by the end of the day you will certainly know all about apertures, depth of field, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and all those other little things which need to be understood in order to take really good photographs.

What you need to bring:

You need to bring yourself, obviously. And make sure you pack your willingness to learn.

You also need a camera, though a high quality Fujifilm can be borrowed. If you bring your own, a camera with the ability to change settings manually is preferable though not necessary: as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you.

Depending on what kind of photography techniques/subject you are interested in, you may need other equipment, which can be discussed. However, for most photography, all you will need is the camera itself (and batteries and a memory card).

Wearing appropriate clothing for the location/weather/season, and packing something to eat would also be advisable.

How much, where, and when?

As mentioned, it's £100 per person.

As the course can be tailored to provide instruction in the techniques you want, then the location and time are not set in stone. For introductory "learn how to use the camera" tutorials, the location would be somewhere in the North Yorkshire area, which provides many diverse subjects.

For more bespoke requirements, we would be wherever we needed to be at whatever time was required. (Please provide your own transport.) If that means we start at 10pm in the middle of Middlesborough, then that's fine with me. Anything is possible.


So, get in touch and let me know what you want to improve, and I'll make sure you do, and have a good time doing it!
Guy Carpenter

"He was a really friendly and patient teacher. It was a really useful and interesting session, and I quickly went from learning the basic buttons and functions to how to start concentrating on taking better photos. 

If you tell him your experience and interests, Iím sure he will be able to find a good place to give you a tutorial, and your photos will be surely different after!"

"The first thing I learned from Guy is that it's important to know the basics before trying anything complicated. Walk before run! Guy was very patient in doing this with me, and I now know how cameras work, and how I can make it do what I want!

At the end of the day I was really pleased with my results and was using my camera with a new confidence in choosing the right settings for what I wanted to achieve."

"Was a a great evening, thoroughly enjoyed it learnt a few things too. Certainly made me think about going out with the camera in low light and after dark which I maybe wouldn't have done before! Thanks Guy."
"I've been taking photos with an SLR for around 4 years and whilst I feel generally capable and competent; I wanted some more in depth support on low light photography and capturing moving water effectively.

Guy was able to be extremely flexible to suit my needs, both in regards to my camera and photography, but also my physical abilities. He adapted my session to fit around my disability which was greatly appreciated. Guy is very patient, happy to be asked lots of questions and able to get you taking wonderful shots in no time at all. I'm looking forward to trying out my new improved knowledge whilst on my tour of Scandinavia! I would highly recommend him as a tutor and photographer."

"I really enjoyed the day!"
"Thank you for today it was great! I got loads out of it and I just hope I remember some! I'll see how the pics have turned out."
"Thank you, the tutorial was very useful and much appreciated!."
"Guy is a very friendly, patient, approachable and knowledgeable chap, great stuff. In a few months I' m going to book another session. If you are interested in taking great photo's, invest in this day course and it will pay dividends straight out of the gate."