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Music photography is basically portrait photography (so check that gallery as well for more samples) but with a few key differences.
Firstly, I am good at photographing live music. It doesn't matter whether that is a big loud band or the gentlest of classical. I don't use flash and my cameras can be set to silent. That is: silent. Not quiet. Silent. So with that and my ability to move like a cat, I am not going to be in danger of disrupting performances for audiences.
Just as with any portrait photography, with my music photography I try and get to the true identity of who I am photographing. I work hard to relay the identity of the musician, and their musical style, through the photographs.
I have come up with quite a lot of tricks and techniques for doing that, which should be evident from the collection below.
I've been lucky enough to photograph some very accomplished musicians and I'm very happy indeed to help be a part of crafting their identity. So if you want some general portaits or coverage of an event, do get in touch.

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