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Ah yes. Landscape photography... Sometimes it seems like many people think this is what "I do."
I am not a landscape photographer. In the strongest possible terms, I am not a landscape photographer.
I take photographs of landscapes though. That's a bit different. Because I enjoy being out and about in beautiful and interesting landscapes and I certainly always have a camera with me, so it gets used to take the odd landscape photograph. Trying to make money from it though is definitely a fool's errand.
I do enjoy it, and I'm quite pleased with some of the results that you can see below. However, I also know that my idea of a "nice" landscape photo is often very, very different to most people's.
In my landscape photography I like drama and if possible the wonder and ferocity of the world. Funnily enough you don't get that standing looking at a pretty sunset in the middle of summer. Forget that. Give me storms and blizzards and dark skies and shapes and patterns and snow and rock and fire. Preferably all at the same time.
I don't have any hesitation in including man made stuff (and people) into my landscape photography. The world has man made stuff (and people) and I don't need to airbrush them out of it. Anything goes, really. (Except pretty summery scenes of sunshine and sweetness.)

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