I am an experienced and versatile photographer based in the North of England. I photograph pretty much any subject, but have a preference for documentary photography of places and people.

I also do a lot of landscape work, which are available as prints and cards.

If you need a photographer for any purpose, do get in touch.

I post regular updates to my blog of recent work.

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I use Fujifilm cameras. After using Pentax for nearly a decade, I tried a Fuji X-Pro 1 and was immediately very impressed by its performance. The electronic viewfinder took some getting used to have having used the optical viewfinder of an SLR for so many years, but once accustomed to it I have found that it is superior in many ways.
Fujifilm cameras are also very good in low-light situations, particularly when shooting handheld at high ISO: the cameras' unique sensors give a quite pleasing ISO noise result, and the colour rendition even at high ISO is very good indeed.
Lastly, Fujifilm cameras were designed from the ground up as "crop" sensor cameras. Therefore, the cameras themselves and all lenses designed for them are relatively small and light compared to other crop sensor cameras, never mind full frame cameras. When hauling a camera and lenses around all day, this is something my body thanks me for at the end of the day!